Monday, April 14, 2014

Keeping up

Been back in store for the last 2 weeks. Has its upsides, I have been able to run in/cycle home. Missed the beauty that is working in a set place at a set time. I have managed to keep my mileage at around 35-40 miles a week. will start dropping long runs back in This week.

Had a good run in yesterday got the average down to 7:38 per mile that was nice. I had 2 external factors helping out,  one was I was late so had to boot it to make it on time, the other was Ro posted a run on Strava and his average was lower than mine. I had been plodding for 3-4 weeks. Just trying to get my distance up so decided to make a real effort. I wasn't sure what I had in me, Worked quiet hard yesterday but recovered well and had a lot more to give so pleased with that.

IMRA leinster league starts on Wednesday, so it  looks like I will be struggling at the back until I get a few under my belt. It's all good though, looking forward to the battles between myself James and Ro. We are all coming off some pretty ropy fitness so it should be interesting. Be great to get some time in the hills. The first few are local just to get the rivalry warmed up.

Already struggling to keep the bouldering sessions going but this must be done to avoid any injurys. Had 2 sessions last week both in Awesome walls. They have reset the problems on the top floor which was timely as I was starting to loose my enthusiasm for the last set. Hit the training room to keep the campusing alive. With the longer evenings may head to Dalkey this week if the weather plays ball.

Still head down training for the Wicklow way Recce in April, that will be 40 miles then the big one in May. Have the Samsung night run that evening as well so that should hurt like hell. A few in work doing it in memory of a friend. The Irony being I don't think he ran a day in his life but he was a lover of sport so kind of fitting. Hopefully just get around in time to have a few beers after.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Things that have vexed me this week,

Runners not saying hello when they go past you in the opposite direction. even a head tip, slight hand gesture to acknowledge a shared passion.

hoping Eve can make it through the night without wetting herself when I get up on average 3 times to go for a pee. its only going to get worse for me.

Garmins powering off with 17% battery left!

no make up selfies and selfies in general!

Guilt free

There is something satisfying about watching the Cycling on TV on a Sunday afternoon after you have done your Long run. Milan San Remo on Eurosport the weather looks cack for them cant say I'm jealous.
I was slightly jealous of the wwu and trail runners yesterday until it started hammering it down.

The week started well did a fast 5 miles down the pier on Monday really tried to push it still only came in at 7:30 min/Mile. Felt good after it I'm sure the pace will return its only been 4 weeks.

Had a savage session at Gravity on Tuesday, a  few heads around Sean,Andrej and Paul but was climbing with Mark, James,Joe and Shane. The session really snuck up on me I was stiff as a board on Wednesday worse on Thursday. James had a few good goes at the blues for a change and did sterling work. May try cycling down in future for a bit of Aerobic work. The weather was good but held off going for a run want the foot to recover.

Wednesday headed out on my lunch around Kiliney had to take a few phone calls but the weather was mint so it was all good.

Thursday into Awesome, Micheal, Ricky and co where busy resetting so I had a potter. It took ages to warm up and work out the kinks from Tuesday. Then had a blast on the new problems with the boys still stood around,  eager to impress but bollloxed I didn't ooze style and technique. Ah well it was still a good session and was well beaten up afterwards. The problems are pretty interesting and I got a good burn of them.

Piers on Friday, went for my Jantastic timed effort. 1:05 for 8.1 I hit 1:06:36 so not to far out would like to get it under an hour when I'm Going well. Another beauty of a morning. Then cycled into town felt a little heavy legged but it was grand. On the cycle home the weather had completely crapped out, I was lucky that it didn't bin it down on me but it was still Baltic. Stopped to give my tube to a guy who had punctured on the way home so that's my good deed done for this year. It wasn't a day to be pushing your bike home!

Hit Awesome again with Dec and the kiddlies never really warmed up,arms still beasted from the other 2 days so just did some stretches and a bit of climbing. Still better than nothing and it worked the kinks out. Eve wore herself out in the kids area and demanded chalk off me to try some pull ups on the bridge bit. She is getting quite close.

Couldn't sleep on Saturday night might have to start doing a short run/cycle on Saturdays before Ann heads to work, not sure I'm burning enough energy to sleep properly..

Up early ish Sunday, got out the door for 8 hoped the watch would make it, it didn't and shut off at 11 miles. annoyingly when I charged it later it said it still had 17% battery left! Good run in great weather out to Poolbeg just shy of 16 miles so added a little kink at the end. Pushed a bit harder at the end as a girl was running just up the way making it look effortless. I caught her eventually but it wasn't easy., felt good and when out of the wind it was roasting. Days/mornings like that and you realize Dublin is just as stunning as any where. Sea on one side mountains on the other.Set off with hat and gloves took a while to warm up but was golden after 5 miles.

Now while Eve is sleeping I'm chilling watching the cycling, not all bad..
38 miles this week will introduce a Thursday short run next week to get up to 45. Hoping for the Wicklow way in May.